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AJ Kalvarija

AJ Kalvarija specialises in the manufacture of textile furniture, such as acoustic screens and soft upholstery. The factory is located in the Lithuanian town of Kalvarija, approximately 170 km west of the capital Vilnius, and has 60 employees.

years in the business
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3 000
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Made in Lithuania

Manufacturing Office furniture

AJ Kalvarija specialises in textile products such as sound absorbers and soft upholstery products to the B2B sector.

Acoustic Products

Sound absorption & screens

Soft upholstery

Sofas & Poufs

AJ Group

We are Group of AJ

AJ has been a partner in the furniture manufacturing company UAB Kalvarijos Baldai since 2016, but in autumn of 2022, the acquisition was completed and the company is now called AJ Kalvarija and is part of the Group’s production unit.


years in business

540, 000

customers throughout Europe


have been working with us for more than 8 years

14, 500

products in our range


Our work environment

There are many factors that affect wellbeing in a workplace. A good work environment with a focus on ergonomics, safety, employee wellbeing and skills contributes to a pleasant workplace.

From a social perspective, people feel good at work when they are able to use their strengths and skills and collaborate with others in an encouraging and inspiring work atmosphere. Everyone should know the purpose of their job and their own responsibilities. This is the type of
work environment we always strive to create. AJ Kalvarija should be an attractive workplace with healthy staff who want to stay with us long-term. We aim to be a workplace characterised by openness, inclusiveness and gender equality.

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